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Boho Chic Nursery

Boho Chic Nursery

Boho is all the rage right now.  Here’s how you can recreate this eclectic, easy-going look in a baby room.

Author: Interior Designer, Dina Venter of my.decorlist 



If you’re busy prepping your nursery for a new addition to your family, boho is definitely a decor style to consider. In my opinion, there are a number of reasons why this look is so popular.

First of all, decor trends tend to focus more on sustainability lately, and most parents want to create a room that will grow with their baby. This look is soft and nurturing, but it features elements that will look stylish for years to come.



Another motivation for copying this look, is the fact that you can use what you have at home. Ask gran and gramps for their old mid-century sideboard and turn it into a changing station, for example. Using heirloom furniture with a story will make the room all the more special.



Lastly, I think the eclectic feel of this look is fantastic. Anything goes (as long as you have a unifying thread). You can paint the walls in bold colours; hang as many pictures and works of art as you want; and introduce a variety of patterns and textures.



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If you’re sold on creating your own boho baby room, make sure you include these essential elements:


Boho Chic Nursery - KNUS


  1. Whether you include a few hanging planters or a cute dream catcher, macrame is the ultimate boho-chic accessory.
  2. A bold rug, particularly one that features persian-style elements such as this child and pet-friendly one.
  3. House plants in cool planters. House plants filter the air, and it has a calming effect. Be sure to check that the plants you choose are safe for baby.
  4. Baskets are a must. They’re practical for storage, and will add texture to the space.
  5. Clean-lined furniture like this compactum. Think Mid-century and Scandi vibes.
  6. Wool. This will soften the look, and sheepskin or wool blankets will keep baby warm and cosy.
  7. A gallery wall with a variety of prints and art that are fun and have special meaning to you.

Author: Interior Designer, Dina Venter of my.decorlist 

Dina Venter, is a stylist, decorator and the owner of my.decorlist – a full-service and e-decor consultancy.

Whether you need a complete A-Z home decorating service, or simply a basic consultation and decor advice, she can help you turn your home into a space that reflects your taste and personality.

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