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An Illustrators Guide to Adding Whimsy to Your Home!

An Illustrators Guide to Adding Whimsy to Your Home!

Add Whimsy to Your Home!

Written for KNUS by Karen Vermeulen
I've never been a fan of beige. To me, beige = boring. In the literal and the figurative sense! I'm an illustrator with a quirky style, and so naturally, I'm drawn to colour, pattern and whimsical objects.
KNUS interior blog

Now I know that neutrals can be a trendy, beautiful and safe choice, but adding a few fun pieces can bring a lot of personality and playfulness to your space. And now that most of us are working from home and life can start feeling like a bit of hamster wheel spinning us from our desks to the dishes, we can all use some levity!
I love the home of interior stylist and designer Stacey-Ann Blake. It looks like such a happy place! It's bold and confident and bursting with colours and patterns. My absolute dream. 

You don't have to go crazy and paint the walls hot pink though. (I'd love to, but I'm not sure my partner would go along with it.) A few fun pieces can do a lot to add personality to your space.
- Here's the "How To" -

I absolutely love this Butt-iful vase. Use it as a centrepiece at your next dinner party to avoid an awkward conversational lull!
Tuchus Planter - KNUS

This adorable  beaded zebra will bring a smile to your face and cheer up any room. Perch him on a shelf in the bathroom or on this fun yellow side table in the lounge.
knus monica table & zebra

This passive-aggressive embroidery hoop is perfect for an entryway. Pair it with this cute rhino butt, and make sure it's always filled with flowers! (to really drive your point home make aggressive eye contact with your partner every time you refill the vase)
knus embroidery hoop and rhino

I'm a big animal lover, so of course, I love the idea of filling your space with them. Unfortunately, it's not practically possible to have all the dogs, cats and llamas that my heart truly desires. However, I can have as many animal-themed decor pieces as I want, especially in my home office, where I'm the boss.
I love these sausage dog bookends, this animal-themed utensil set for my pens and pencils, and of course, I am, after all, a cat lady, this cute cat planter. Pop it all on top of the colourful Kirsty desk, and your office space will be your happy place!
animals - KNUS
kirsty desk - KNUS

If insects are more your thing, this mantis floor lamp will be great in your office, lounge or bedroom.
mantis floor lamp knus

Adding splashes of colour is an easy way to inject some playfulness into any room, like this citrus scatter pillow, the candy-coloured soft planter, or this bright beetle wall print.
knus art print cushion

Another easy way to add some quirk is with cool art. I'm in love with this
bedroom KNUS

And if you're ready to go bananas, this fantastic pink and green wallpaper would be perfect on a feature wall in the kitchen paired with this adorable
leaf placemat tea towel wall paper KNUS

Don't stop at your interior. These birdhouses will add charm and draw birds to your garden. Add this beautiful wheel hanging swing chair to do your bird watching from, just don't swing too vigorously and scare them away!
bird boxes KNUS
Meet Karen Vermeulen & her lovely cat!
karen vermeulen KNUS writer
Image credits: home of Stacey-Ann Blake via Domino magazine PHOTOGRAPHY BY LEA HARTMAN
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