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A Spring Dinner Party Guide

A Spring Dinner Party Guide

Finally we have the yes for small intimate gatherings. That being said, with spring around the corner we need to freshen things up. From curating your table scape to serving up the best dishes.
This guide is here to help you set the mood for that well deserved party with friends.
1. It’s almost spring, so add florals. They bring colour to your table and will liven up the room. If you can’t find what you are looking for, perhaps go for botanical art prints or textiles.
2. We all love to smell nice things and this is where candles and the right lighting plays a big role. You want to enhance the ambience by soft fragrances and warm lights - this is where you want to add natural elements like wood & copper.
3. Serve up on grandma’s best porcelain, or kit your home out with trendy & fun dinnerware. This comes down to taste, don’t always go for flat white dinnerware. Add colour & depth with darker plating or wooden serving boards.
4. Seating should be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Benches are great for lounging about and keeping friends connected.
5. If you want to serve up a storm, invest in a sideboard to keep all the clutter aside and allow guests to move around, creating a more social vibe.
With natural elements and good food, you will create a relaxed atmosphere and your guests will reap the benefits...
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