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A quick guide to choosing a dining room table!

A quick guide to choosing a dining room table!

Space is becoming less and we need furniture to suit our spaces. Dining rooms are being discarded to create more chill areas but we think finding the right dining table for your space will make fancy dinners or just casual get togethers with friends even better.
Gather some inspiration & read about a few tips on choosing the correct diner for your home…
Carefully plan out how much you would like to spend on a dining room table. Keep in mind that you want something of high quality such as the Oslo Dining Room Table. Browse around and start getting a clearer picture of how much you want to spend. With budget in mind, find the style you would like to go for.
Decide how many people you would like to sit at the dining table. They need room to enjoy their food comfortably and to relax without them bashing elbows the whole time.
The size. Make sure that your table is a prominent piece in the room without it being too bulky or too small. If you’re tight on space, try going for a round table. Remember, there should be at least 1m clearance between the table and a wall. This will ensure there are plenty of seating and moving space for guests.
Now that you have your dining table, you want to update seating. Look at benches that will offer you loads of seating that can be tucked away under the table to save space when not in use.
Make sure that the table is lit up perfectly with candles or other means of light. Low hanging pendants are a great way to make an impact. Use floor lamps for bigger dining rooms or wall lights for smaller rooms. Candles are great for on table features.
The last step is to spruce up your dining room - add a runner or table cloth. This will bind the whole space together. Keep in mind the rest of the rooms colour.
With so many options available these days, you are bound to create an amazing space for you & friends.
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