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A KNUS Insiders' View - A Few Ways To Blend The Old With The New!

A KNUS Insiders' View - A Few Ways To Blend The Old With The New!

We are living in an ever changing space & each area of our lives are influenced by everyday things we see & feel.
 A short read by our head of Marketing & Content. 
Look at your surroundings, is it a green oasis, is it super urban with lots of buildings or are you surrounded by century old styles of buildings. Do research on the history of your area, and look at items from that era or the history behind it and introduce it in your home. Whether it’s a stunning rock that you found next to the road, put it on a pedestal made from an old tree and call it a conversation starter. If you live in an old Cape Dutch building, source a few vintage ornament or piece of furniture and up-cycle it with locally made fabrics
Inspiration on KNUS
Finding the perfect shelf to add these items can be modern and will blend well with the old. You need lots of shelving space when you want to add ornaments or little things you found that doesn’t make sense. It's fun having items in your home that looks strange or is just quirky.
KNUS inspiration
Play around with books, stack them all over and colour code them. Go to your local charity shop and find books that aged well. Lay them on your coffee table, colour code them on a server as a conversation starter and add stunning book ends  to add that perfect modern flair.
Inspired by KNUS
Styling with plants have become such a trend and adding lots of them in your space is a must if you want that green oasis. Look at planters with different heights, textures & styles - baskets are a great way to combine the natural element with the green of the plants. Hanging planters & Macrame are also great options. 
planters on knus
Layer your grandma’s quilt with a lovely Mohair blanket on your couch. Find a scatter cushion that reflects a prominent colour in your space and find an art print to match that colour, take old coffee hessian bags and frame them in natural solid wood frames for ultimate statement pieces. Upholster your furniture in interesting ways, plain in the front & party at the back.
knus inspired
These are just a few ideas that came to mind when I just moved from Urban Woodstock to Stellenbosch. Moving from a small modern home to an old Monument home with lots of wooden floors and high ceilings.
Take inspiration from it and see what you come up with.
Dewet De Villiers KNUS home decor
My motto in design is “layer sentiment with modernity” - Dewet De Villiers
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