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A Chef's Guide To Perféct The Sacred Home Kitchen

A Chef's Guide To Perféct The Sacred Home Kitchen

This week we are chatting to Anzel Moretti, she works as a New Product Developer where she focuses on developing recipes for one of South Africa’s leading local retailers.
The kitchen has become the heart of the home once more, a space that allows for small intimate gatherings where the love for food and entertaining has been reignited. So why wouldn’t you equip this sacred space with pieces that are functional while still aesthetically pleasing?
knus kitchen inspiration
Here are a few tips that you can follow to up your home kitchen game:
First things first – coffee! You invest in good quality beans, an expensive piece of brewing equipment - but still it is just never the same as in that high-end coffee shop that you love so much. The secret is the ceramic cup that they serve it in.  Ceramic is more porous than glass thus it acts as a good insulator which in short means that your hot beverage stays hot for longer. Science!
KNUS ceramic ware  
Kitchen linen is often overlooked and yet the importance of it carries no less responsibility than any other kitchen item. Unbleached cotton tea towels are breathable and gentler on delicate surfaces. They are highly absorbent, and their durability often surpasses those woven from non-organic fibres. Whether they are used for drying, storing freshly baked bread or grabbing the scalding hot pan – the kitchen “lappie” is the unsung hero of any professional/ home kitchen.
Kitchen tea towels
A large white platter never goes out of style and brings an element of luxurious decadence to any table, they can be used for any course ranging from primo corso to dolce! Dress any salad, side or meat dish with good quality olive oil, flaked sea salt and a touch of greenery and you are good to go!
KNUS platters
Add height and dimension to your table setting with the use of cake stands, they are multifunctional and can be used for a multitude of things like cakes, platters, charcuterie boards or even as a candelabra. This also assist in offering extra space to a table that may perhaps be filled to the brim.
cake stands on
I have often found myself in a situation where I have over seasoned a dish with the use of a spice grinder, this can easily be avoided with the use spice cellars. You now have  more control over the amount of salt added, but also the quality and type of seasoning you decide to use – people, it matters!
salt & pepper pods
When cared for properly they can (and should) last a lifetime – yes, knives! These are some of the most expensive kitchen utensils and yet most people hide these beauties in an overfull kitchen drawer where the edges are often damaged and blunted. A knife magnet offers a multitude of benefits, it is far safer than rummaging through a drawer and your knives are bound to stay sharper for longer and ultimately.
knife magnet
“Food is my absolute passion, not just the food itself but the power it has to bring people together.” - Anzel Moretti
Anzel writes for KNUS
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