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9 quick ways to cozy-up your home

9 quick ways to cozy-up your home

Do you know the meaning of the word ‘KNUS’?


Since in is the new going out, our living spaces have to be ‘knus.’ The vibe? think cushioned sofas, plenty of textiles and warm, glowy lighting. Need a helping hand? Read on for our tips to maximise the comfort, and maximise those ‘knus’ feels.

1. Use warm wall lighting and pendant lighting. Ditch those fluorescent bulbs, lets get glowy.  

2. Use a soft and snug rug for all those 'knus' feels. 

3. Layer up with throws & blankets. This will add another element of texture to your couch. 

4. Fill your home with books.

5. Bring the outside in with plants & flowers

6. Mix and match scatter cushions. Combine different colours, patterns and textures - this is a great way to display your personal style. 

7. Light a candle, or two. Warm and ambient light, is sure to give you all those cozy and comfy feels. 

8. Add soft textures like our chunky wool blanket

9. Fill a blank wall with art. If you're needing help with putting the perfect gallery wall together, read this blog here to give you some tips and trick. 



1. Lighting

2. Rugs

3. Throws & blankets

4. Planters & Vases

5. Scatter cushions

6. Candles

7. Wall Art & Art Prints


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